Curriculum C1 to C4

  1. PCP Accidents to Children Policy
  2. PCP Administering Medication
  3. PCP Administering Medicine Procedures (Category Two Form)
  4. PCP Administering Medicine Procedures (Category Three Form)
  5. PCP Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  6. PCP Animal Care Procedures
  7. PCP Appointments Policy - Administration
  8. PCP Appointments Policy - Teaching Staff
  9. PCP Board Code of Conduct Policy
  10. PCP Board Conflict of Interests Policy
  11. PCP Child Health Policy
  12. PCP Child Protection Policy
  13. PCP Cleaning Procedures
  14. PCP Communication and Consultation
  15. PCP Complaints Procedure Policy
  16. PCP Cross Cultural Awareness Policy
  17. PCP Dismissal and Summary Dismissal Procedures
  18. PCP Emergency and Evaculation Care Plan
  19. PCP Enrolments/Admissions Policy
  20. PCP Excursion Policy
  21. PCP Fees Policy
  22. PCP Financial Management Policy
  23. PCP First Aid Cabinet - Procedures
  24. PCP Privacy Policy
  25. PCP Privacy Officer
  26. PCP Food Preparation and Consumption Procedures
  27. PCP Handwashing Procedures
  28. PCP Hauora (Health and Wellbeing) Policy
  29. PCP Hazard Identification Policy
  30. PCP Healthy Food and Nutrition Policy
  31. PCP Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures
  32. PCP Laundry Procedures
  33. PCP Leave Policy
  34. PCP Maintenance Procedures
  35. PCP Maori as Tangata Whenua
  36. PCP Nappy Changing Procedures
  37. PCP Non-Centre Childcare Employment Policy
  38. PCP Pandemic Emergency Plan
  39. PCP Planning Evaluation and Assessment Policy
  40. PCP Position of Responsibility Procedures
  41. PCP Positive Guidance Policy
  42. PCP Pre-entry Visits Policy
  43. PCP Relievers, Parent Helpers, Volunteers Policy
  44. PCP Sleeping Children Policy
  45. PCP Smokefree Policy
  46. PCP Social Media Policy
  47. PCP Staff Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  48. PCP Staff Exit Questionnaire
  49. PCP Staff Performance Appraisal Policy
  50. PCP Staff Professional Development Policy
  51. PCP Staff Protection Policy and Procedures
  52. PCP Statement of Educational Programme
  53. PCP Sun Safety Policy
  54. PCP Transition to School Policy
  55. PCP Transition to Over Two Room